Call us. We can guide you through the steps to making your hospital more safe.

IPS has 15 years of medical industry experience, and decades more in other industries. 

Known Solutions

IPS Is a seasoned coatings company that has been addressing these types of problems for over 15 years in the medical industry. 

Over the past decade, IPS has worked closely with many Infectious control departments in Top Ranked Hospitals to implement solutions to some of the very problems that have gained mainstream attention due to the recent outbreak.


Know this. We use what works. IPS employees have gone through weeks of training by many different certification organizations for our industry. We have no brand loyalty or contracts to push a certain product or solution on you. We operate off the best data available and 15 years of track record and testing. We have seen products work and products fail, and we only recommend what we have seen stand the test of time. 

Facillity Weaknesses

Sterilization is the issue.


There are a number of known areas that trap bacteria and viruses, are difficult or impossible to properly clean and increase infection risk

Loading Docks
Almost everything used in your facility passed through those doors. So why are they so dirty?
Carpets are notoriously hard to clean, so why would you have everyone step on the same potentially contaminated square?
Grout Lines
They are Everywhere. And they are very porous, just like concrete. Say no to the hard bacteria sponge.
Rooms on the front Line of care, for both patients and staff should come with some ability to fight infection and odor.
Operating Suites
The very Heart of the hospital. No matter how good your cleaning staff, its better to have multiple lines of viral defense.
Stairwells and Handrails.
Why is everyone wearing Gloves? What is something that most people unconsciously touch to steady themselves?
Exposed Concrete
Exposed concrete or rusty rebar. Its everywhere. Both harbor bacteria and contaminants. Eliminate the problem, Seal it up.
Expansion Joints
The big trip hazard cracks in the hallways tend to collect and unholy amount of... stuff you don't want in a hospital.
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Known Solutions

Sealing off bacteria trapping expansion joints, installing self-sanitizing floors, and installing a coating in HVAC units are just a few ways that you can make your hospital safer for everyone.

The idea, at least, is simple. Eliminate Bacteria Traps. Seal up Expansion Joints. Coat all high-risk areas with Antimicrobial coatings.


These High Tech coatings have nano-particles in them that compromise the structure of viruses, bacterial and various funguses and molds over a period of about 24 hours. This is a dramatic difference between a floor with grout lines that traps, harbors and often incubates infectious diseases and floor that passively cleans itself 

We Use 100% Solid Epoxy Resins. Whats does that mean? It means that IPS has virtually Zero Odor installations. This also gives them increased bond strength and lifespan, due to the absence of shrinkage.

Downtime is a serious concern, which is why we used lightning-fast cure materials, in order to get you back up and running sooner than anyone else we've ever heard of, all without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

We are experts in infectious control containments, and mandate that tools have dust collection at all times to reduce our impact on your hospital.

Our Resins are also environmentally friendly. Once applied, 100% solid epoxies release no odors or chemicals in order to cure, making it extremely safe for those around it. They also reduce the volume of materials necessary to clean the floors, and their long lifespan allows facilities to go longer between renovations.


Sterilization and Safety

Why is it Safe for IPS to come and Install these critical Upgrades at your Facility?

Staying Clean is Critical, and we don't take it lightly. We have implemented a Full Spectrum Plan in order to ensure our work crews start sterile and leave sterile.

Zero Infections is not a goal. For us, Its a mandate.

We are constantly updating our infectious control measures and making updates and upgrades to the plan based on feedback from our Medical Partners. 

For more information about the plan, or to offer a suggestion for improvement, please contact us.

Keep Your Staff Safe. Call us today, and start eliminating hazard areas.


What To Do

Call us. We can guide you through the steps to making your hospital more safe.

IPS has 15 years of medical industry experience, and decades more in other industries.


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How clean is your air really? Ask us about our 4 way HVAC Upgrade package.